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Table of Contents

1. APC Objectives
2. APC's Focus
3. Organizational Structure
History of the APC Coordinating Countries, Coordinators and Hosts of Plenaries

1. APC Objectives

APC was established in 1996 to provide a forum for the discussion of issues relating to population movements, including refugees, displaced or trafficked persons and migrants. Its aim is to promote dialogue and explore opportunities for greater regional cooperation. 

2. APC's Focus

Population movements; their nature, causes and consequences; data collection and information-sharing; prevention and preparedness; reintegration and its sustainability; comprehensive and durable solutions to refugee situations; trafficking in women and children; illegal immigrants/workers; people-smuggling and irregular migration; emergency response and contingency planning.

3. Organizational Structure  

The Chair is held for a one-year term, with the option of continuing for an additional year given the consent of the Member States.  The Chair appoints a Coordinator responsible for coordinating APC events during the year. A permanent Secretariat established in January 2007, provides operational and administrative support to the Coordinator.

APC meetings are currently held at the Plenary, Sub-regional and Working Group levels.  APC Plenary meetings are held once a year, usually in October.  At the plenary meeting, the next APC Chair is announced, the work programme of the year is evaluated and the broad direction of next years' programme is endorsed.

5. History of the APC Coordinating Countries, Coordinators and Hosts of Plenaries
Year Coordinator and Country Plenary Hosted By:
1996 (Pre-APC's official formation) Conference on Regional Approaches to Refugees and Displaced Persons hosted by Australia
1997 (Pre-APC's official formation) Experts' Meeting on Regional Approaches to Refugees and Displaced Persons in Asia, hosted by Thailand
1998 Mr. David Knight, Australia Thailand
1999 Mr. Ittiporn Boonpracong, Thailand Nepal
2000 Mr. Ittiporn Boonpracong, Thailand Hong Kong SAR
2001 Ms. Rosalinda Tirona, Philippines Philippines
2002 Mr Pham Quang Vinh, Vietnam Vietnam
2003 Ms. Kim Tan, Australia Australia
2004 Mr Orisi Ravuso, Fiji Fiji
2005 Mr. Qian Bo, China China
2006 Mr. Qiao Huijun, China China
2007 Dr. Hamid Rashid, Bangladesh No plenary held
2008 Mr Auseugafa MTV Poloma Komiti

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Shalman Refugee Camp, Khyber Pass, Pakistan; Credit: (c) 2002 Jonathan Frerichs/Lutheran World Relief,
Courtesy of Photoshare; Caption:  Shan Sudir, age 4, and his family fled their home in eastern Afghanistan.