Introduction to APC  
The Inter-governmental Asia-Pacific Consultations on Refugees, Displaced Persons and Migrants (APC) promotes dialogue and explores opportunities for greater regional cooperation relating to population movements of refugees, displaced or trafficked persons and migrants. 

The APC works in close partnership with UNHCR and IOM.

The APC operates in an informal, consultative, non-binding manner, with Coordinators from various Asia-Pacific countries taking the reigns on a rotating basis.

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Members can obtain more information about APC events in the APC government access portion of this website.

APC-Government Access
APC Governments who need password access should contact the APC Secretariat for assistance (click here for link to contact details). 

Above Photographs: 452-1 Shalman Refugee Camp, Khyber Pass, Pakistan - Credit: (c) 2002 Jonathan Frerichs/Lutheran World Relief 2006-598 A Tibetan nomadic boy; Tibet, China -  Credit: (c) 2005 Aleksandr Dye, Courtesy of Photoshare

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